Urban Exploration

The Inverkip Experience

HiddenShadow - Inverkip Turbine Hall

The time had drawn. Inverkip had been a lingering annoyance since laying eye’s on the first reports of it, far away in the reaches of south west Scotland.

It was decided that before 2011 drew to a close, we would visit this industrial beast and enjoy it’s behemoth self before it became another ‘Should’ve’ done it sooner site.

Therefore, in truly spectacular SNC (Special Needs Crew) we would convoy to Scotland, one van, one car, 8 idiots and one power station, on the coldest, snowiest night of the arse end of the year, it was fucking brilliant, infact, we even made a video. Sensationalism.



Inverkip Power station has been well known since closure for it’s more than active security presence. Approaching the fence line in the very early hours, cold, dark and wet motivation and energy at this point was relatively low, 6 hours of driving through blizzards was enough. Two hours later, we made it inside, exhausted, we bedded down in the control room for the night.

Flick Switch

Emerging from the control room in a semi-hibernated state, we dragged ourselves into the main turbine hall, a marvellous sight indeed. Sunlight poured in from every angle, from every glass pane, the blue of the sky combined with the relative warmth of the sun tinted the turbine hall, in a haze of golden winrar.

Blue Turbine Is Blue

We’d inadvertently navigated the hall the night before, in our stressed attempt to locate the central control room, to see it like this was a beauty, both in scale and quantity.

Chimney, it's a big'n

Gone and Fishbrain decided it was time to find access into the chimney, out they went, exposed to everything, determined they were, around 2 hours later they returned, successful. Everybody else went for the chimney. Myself and DrHowser were too cool to climb the chimney, so we headed out in search of nutrition, in the form of deep fried everything. Sitting down the road, we stared at the chimney, knowing the spastic crew would be up there looking down.

Walkways, everywhere.

Scottish road trip #1 complete, bring on the next one.




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