Urban Exploration

We Went To Leeds

Back in January, it was the Leeds meet for another UE forum, UEF.


Me and Nick headed out to Leeds in the morning initially, to DOANDERP and DOANOFFICEBLOCK. We did that, went home, cleaned up and went back to get wasted and perform foolish acts of throwing kebab meet at other members and go in apartment blocks, true story bro…

Southpoint Rooftop

As discussed, the night time brought about the ascent of  Opal 3, a high rise student containment facility in that there Leeds, conveniently located around the corner from the venue of choice for the bulk of the night. Cheers to MJS and Clough for this one…

Opal 3 – Night Time

It was a good view of the city up here, MJS being an insane cunt, sat on the red light, it was ‘reet too cold fo’ that.

Go 8mm Go

A video of what was occurin’, in summary…






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