Urban Exploration



London Road Fire Station, Manchester. A long time coming…

London Road Cornerage

It’s the voice mail you’ve always wanted. “We’re in London Road Fire Station’. Whut, bags packed…

Fishbrain, Morse, Tweek and Gone had made it in during the day, we were to head back at night, big props to them.

Rooftoppin' Heritage

It was as you’d expect, not far off the same as it was 5 years ago looking at old reports on 28DaysLater

Stuffed animals, police cells, drying racks, towers, empty rooms and covered scaffolding.

Police cells, no buzzers.

We spent a good few hours here, seeing all of it minus the area’s monitored via little blinking boxes.

Hang Your Hoses, Drying Racks

Hang Your Hoses, Drying Racks

An important part of Manchester’s history, seen upfront and in person, much enjoy.

Fire Doors

Engine Bays


Manor House L

Another early get up, to travel far and wide in search of manor house L.

Watch Out - Manor L

Albeit we were slightly disappointed, but what’s a brother to do…

Staircase - Manor L

There’s no information available on this place, right now, but it’s big, empty and has a half broken piano.

No Key Piano - Manor L

This would have been a really grand place, much of it has been stripped back, to become what, we don’t know, but a home? Unlikely…

Grandeur Stands - Manor L

In summary, that’s it, although as a finale, this is it…

Eyes - Manor L