Urban Exploration



London Road Fire Station, Manchester. A long time coming…

London Road Cornerage

It’s the voice mail you’ve always wanted. “We’re in London Road Fire Station’. Whut, bags packed…

Fishbrain, Morse, Tweek and Gone had made it in during the day, we were to head back at night, big props to them.

Rooftoppin' Heritage

It was as you’d expect, not far off the same as it was 5 years ago looking at old reports on 28DaysLater

Stuffed animals, police cells, drying racks, towers, empty rooms and covered scaffolding.

Police cells, no buzzers.

We spent a good few hours here, seeing all of it minus the area’s monitored via little blinking boxes.

Hang Your Hoses, Drying Racks

Hang Your Hoses, Drying Racks

An important part of Manchester’s history, seen upfront and in person, much enjoy.

Fire Doors

Engine Bays


In Manchester

Co-Op HQ

It was time to stay closer to home. Meeting up with Gone we initially visited the new Co-Op HQ building close to Victoria station. Access was gained fairly straightforward and were right up on the roof. It was blowing a gale alright, tripod was on a wobble trip so we soon headed back inside to see the cathedral / museum / site of significant UE interest scaffolding…

Scaffolding, Beauty.

With the wind blowing hard, we had to stop for a moment. See those black sheets on the ground in the above image, those were falling from the roof which made for an interesting observation, time to look a little closer…


We then headed back into town, meeting up with Tweek and Fishbrain, it was time for a new target.

Central Library and Town Hall Extension, Mancunia.


The Dome was incredibly impressive, prominent and lit through the surrounding windows. This was first visited by Gone back in September, it was time to head inside, go under and above stuff and see what the crack is…

Go In Dome

Then the entrance hall…

Beauty In Refurb

Tunnel of extension, grimey…

Going Deep

We hung around in the Town Hall Extension for a short while, got up in the roof-space and headed out onto the outer scaffolding to make admirational photographic images of the main town hall clocktower…

Brap, etc.




We Went To Leeds

Back in January, it was the Leeds meet for another UE forum, UEF.


Me and Nick headed out to Leeds in the morning initially, to DOANDERP and DOANOFFICEBLOCK. We did that, went home, cleaned up and went back to get wasted and perform foolish acts of throwing kebab meet at other members and go in apartment blocks, true story bro…

Southpoint Rooftop

As discussed, the night time brought about the ascent of ¬†Opal 3, a high rise student containment facility in that there Leeds, conveniently located around the corner from the venue of choice for the bulk of the night. Cheers to MJS and Clough for this one…

Opal 3 – Night Time

It was a good view of the city up here, MJS being an insane cunt, sat on the red light, it was ‘reet too cold fo’ that.

Go 8mm Go

A video of what was occurin’, in summary…